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Chair Based Fitness Exercise Classes

That Literally Anyone Can Do


Endorsed by:


 Texas Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Check Out Move Baby, Move! Testimonials

Check Out Move Baby, Move! Testimonials

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Something Bigger,
Something Different

The Move Baby, Move! program is innovative because of its emphasis on rhythm, balance, and coordination as it relates to the health and wellness for our participants. Many programs concentrate on balance as a method of fall prevention; however, there is a dearth of programs that address the components of rhythm and coordination.

Take at Your Own Pace

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Why is Music Important?

Move Baby, Move! utilizes music that is culturally relevant to our participants, in combination with movements (clapping of hands, tapping of feet), that reactivate the neurons responsible for fine motor movement.

These 30-minute instructional exercise videos utilize music and evidence-based movements to promote wellness while increasing your flexibility and range-of-motion. MOVE BABY, MOVE! is designed for those who wish to become physically active, but do not know how, or where to start. All the movements are done while you are seated so Move Baby, Move! is easy on your joints. These videos will help increase your levels of muscular strength, endurance, and motor memory while improving your ability to perform your activities of daily living.


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