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Everything you need to know about Move Baby Move Health & Wellness Program

Updated: Jun 23, 2020


Balance and coordination are vital gross motor skills for elderly people. These skills allow the elderly people to participate in physical activities, maintain their balance, body rhythm, and coordination as well as reduce the risks of injury and improve the ability to perform everyday activities of daily living.

Elderly people are more prone to falls and likely to break bones because most of them have fragile, porous bones due to osteoporosis. Similarly, senior citizens are very much likely to have complications from surgical operations – as the sedation and trauma to the individual’s body make the recovery risky.

The Move Baby Move Program is specifically designed for people who want to improve rhythm, balance, and coordination. The mission of this program, which is endorsed by the American Heart Association, is to improve the overall health and wellbeing of elderly people.

Various programs focus on the promotion of balance exercises to prevent falls, and the Move Baby Move Program is different as it focuses entirely on balance, rhythm, and coordination.

The program is designed to concentrate on important elements of rhythm and coordination using music. The purpose is to stimulate the neuronal network in the brain and enhance the gross motor function.

What Do We Offer?

There are indeed many good ways that elderly people can improve their body rhythm, balance, and coordination. The Move Baby Move Program gives you innovative exercises that are music-oriented to stimulate your mind.

Our exercises are not only balance exercises but they focus on improving your coordination, memory, cognition, vision, hearing, touch, muscular power and strength, etc. We know that balance and coordination are important for the elderly because falls become increasingly dangerous as you get older. Likewise, it is not just as simple as standing up and dusting yourself off.

Based on thorough research and personal experience, the Move Baby Move Program offers 30 minutes exercise videos at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The instructor gives you adequate guidelines on how to perform the exercise. The videos use music that complements the bodily movements to enhance the range of motion and flexibility.

The exercises are easy to perform. For instance, they are carried out while you sit on a chair. The purpose of this unique idea is to avoid pressure on your muscles and joints.The move baby move not only the exercise will strengthen your muscles and endurance, but it also improves your motor memory, body balance, and coordination.

Move Baby Move Exercises

The Move Baby Move Program offers a wide range of exercises designed and developed to focus on the entire body. In all instructional videos, you will see the instructor giving the visual and verbal cues that will help you focus on rhythmic breathing.

The deep breathing technique helps you carry oxygen to all vital organs of the body including the brain that focuses on boosting your neurons. Likewise, the breathing exercises are helpful for people with respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, COPD, pleural effusion, pneumonia, etc.

Proper posture for elderly people is even more important. We help you take the proper steps to ensure you are maintaining good posture – stay balanced and reduce the risks for falls. When you are being mindful of your posture, you have better balance and reduced risk of falling.

The prayer position, shoulder rolls, steering wheel, breaststroke, right lane, left lane, chin up, chin down, and chin slides are some of the warm exercises that you can do to enhance your upper body posture.

We give you exercises to maintain the posture and balance of your abdominal area. For instance, handclaps and toe taps with claps along with knee lift with claps, etc. all focus on your abdominal area.

Similarly, the “Arthritis-Type-Text” or ATT is an exercise that focuses on movements in the distal joints and muscles. This exercise helps maintain the strength, flexibility, and range of motion in your elbows, wrists, and fingers.

Besides these exercises, we have a wide range of cardio exercises that allows your entire pulmonary system to elevate the levels of oxygen that your lungs can handle. These exercises also tone your lungs and strengthen your heart.

Moreover, research studies substantiated the many benefits of our relaxation techniques and exercises, which include increased blood flow to your muscles, reduced inflammation, and pain, as well as decreased blood pressure, and boosted mental clarity.

Simply put, the Move Baby Move Program offers you a wide variety of exercises based on your body structure, ability and energy levels. This is a comprehensive program designed to improve your overall physical health and mental wellbeing.

Benefits of Move Baby Move Health & Wellness Program

The exercises offered by the Move Baby Move Program emphasizes balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength. We have a comprehensive program that schedules exercise for each day. We aim to improve your whole-body wellness and keep you engaged.

Better Reaction Time: All exercises focus on increasing reaction time, which helps you right yourself in case you start to fall by shifting your weight and/or putting out your arm quickly to grab an object in a stable manner.

Increased Coordination: Improved coordination is vital for preventing falls and can help you roll instead of crashing if you do fall.

Stronger Muscles: Stronger, strengthened, and healthy muscles buffer the impact of a fall and provide some protection to your bones and joints. All exercises in the Move Baby Move Program help strengthen your bones so that you are less prone to injuries and fractures.

Boosted Brain Function: Specific relaxation exercises offered in the unique Move Baby Move Health & Wellness Program helps maintain your brain function. Clearer thinking helps you avoid unpleasant situations, for instance, the added slips.

Aids Movement:The music-oriented exercises help improve recall memory, learning, relaxation, joy, inspiration, happiness, motion, and emotion. Your brain and music make sweet music together. Rhythm and music and your capacity to react to it are likewise hard-wired into your being from long ago. Remember, your body is music and music is the universal language.

Improved Cognition: The cognitive tasks of remembering things/words/steps are easier when the music is playing. This is what we focus on “exercise + music” to help you fill in the blanks and to connect both movement and Lastly, words. This is a mind and body connection. The music-based rhythm exercises tell you when to move as well as your whole body including arms, feet, trunks, and head – all parts of your body tend to respond.

Wrapping Up!

The Move Baby Move Program offers a wide range of health benefits. It likewise provides educational and information resources for elderly people in all demographics. Through videos, we focus on guiding behavior, habits, exercises, lifestyle, music, coordination, rhythm, balance, and all other aspects of your physical and mental health.

We aim to enhance your quality of life and offer unique ideas and innovative tips on how to improve your life. Lastly, the focus of the Move Baby Move Program is to educate older adults on how best to manage their physical/mental health and activity levels for optimal body function and performance. Join today and get the most out of our sophisticated Move Baby Move Program.

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